Flying with kids

Hey everybody! Hope you are having a good start to your week! It’s been a little crazy for us. We are getting ready and starting to pack for our upcoming trip. We are headed to Tahoe for a little family getaway on Thursday and then Sunday night we will be heading back through to the Sacramento area. Jay and I are going to an event/dinner called the Tower Bridge Dinner. It’s kind of like a farm to table type of dinner but on a beautiful bridge in downtown Sac instead! We are so excited and feel so lucky to get to go 🙂 I’ll for sure be writing a post on all of that soon! Anyway….on the subject of traveling, I wanted to continue on the topic of traveling with kids specifically flying with them. I’m not the most frequent flyer with kids but I’ve done it enough to know what (somewhat!) works for mine 🙂

Flying with kids is jusssssst a skosh different than flying without them! hehe Talk about bringing everything and your mother just to keep your kids happy!!! 😉 Sooo, I guess I’ll start by age. Just FYI, I’m only going up to 4 years old bc that’s all I know 🙂 I’d love to hear any suggestions for flying with older kiddos! Okay, so babies first…

Babies I’d say are fairly easy to fly with actually! At least compared to the one year olds….ugh. First suggestion. Bring the stroller and car seat right to the gate! It’s free and makes life a lot easier for you and baby. They are so little at this point that I personally feel it’s easier just pushing them through security and lugging what you need to your gate rather than renting a car seat and/or stroller. The car seats that you rent are usually pretty gross too. Also if you carry/wear him or her you still have to carry some luggage, etc and it all just gets in the way of each other. So, go for brining that car seat! You can bag them if you’d like. I’ve heard lots of people even suggest to bring your not so nice stroller in case the luggage person damages it. But, we’ve never had an issue. Another benefit of flying with your kiddo….priority boarding!! Hello amazing. You and your family get to board before everybody else…except for the first class peeps. Also, with Southwest Airlines you board after group A.

One you’re on the plane, get that boob or bottle ready for take off and landing. We recently took Harper (right at 5 months) to Colorado. We flew from Oakland to Denver. A relatively short flight mind you. But, I fed her at take off and landing both to and from Oakland and she was a true champ. Never cried and was a perfect little angel 🙂 We put Ben in the middle and when she needed to get a little energy out we had him sit on one of our laps and laid her in the middle seat (with a blanket laid down). She was a content little baby on both flights. We will actually be traveling to Hawaii in January when she’s ten months. So, that’ll be a different story. I will probably still feed her take off and landing but just need more to entertain her in between.

Flying with a one year old…I have no suggestions. But I guess just pray and hope for the best! lol Oh and maybe order a drink for yourself and your neighbors! I flew with my son to Hawaii and all I can say is that it was awful and I really would like to erase that from my memory 🙂 Both to and from he was that child on the plane…screaming and crying most of the time. We tried everything. Trust me. I even read on sites that that age with flying is just a tough one! Nothing worked or pleased him and we were very thankful (we meaning me and everyone else on the flight!) for it to finally land. Any suggestions for a smooth flight with a one year old are always welcome!!

2 to 4 years olds. All I can say is, they are a breeze! Suggestions…bring snacks, a few toys (we brought little hot wheels cars that worked like charm), iPad with headphones and books. Also, maybe bring a new toy or buy a new game just for the flight. It’s such a happy surprise for them and they are so happy and occupied with their new found game 🙂 We flew when my son was a little over two and he still needed a nap on the plane. But, it actually worked out perfect. he got so tired from all of the activity that he full on just passed out while playing 🙂 Oh and with that age, we just rented a car seat. Much easier!

So there you have it! Traveling with kids is definitely hard. But 9 times out 10, I’m just so happy and grateful they are there with me to share the experience. Have a good night!




Traveling with kids – Rent!!

Happy Friday everybody! Hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far 🙂 So, I wanted to write about my experience with traveling with kids. I feel like there’s so much information to know on this topic that I think I’m going to break up the posts because I might be typing all day and this would probably be the longest post of all time. So, in a nutshell, traveling with young kids sucks! Haha. You’re usually dealing with at least one cranky child, you have to lug ALLLLLL of their stuff around and you know, you have to keep them alive 🙂 It ain’t easy and that’s why I’m here to help you out just a bit to give you some of my do’s and don’t and more so just let ya know I’m here and I understand…the struggle is real!

I think the first thing I’ll post on traveling with kids is renting, renting, renting!! I’ve taken my son to Hawaii twice and I’ve taken both kids to Vail having flown to all of these locations. The best advice I can give that has been the biggest lifesaver has been renting baby gear!! Seriously the BIGGEST lifesaver, time saver, and space saver! So, what I mean by renting baby/kid gear is just that. Most metropolitan and vacation areas usually have a company that has a website where you can pick from all sorts of baby and kid items. You simply just pick what items you feel that you need and/or don’t want to take. Most have a per/day charge which is really nice because say you’re going hiking on only day of your trip and want to take baby with you. You could order a baby carrier just for that day. Once you’ve selected all of the items you want to rent, you fill out all of your information as well as your trip details. And here’s the best part: they will drop off your rental wherever you need them to! When we were in Hawaii they dropped off everything in our vacation rental and everything was already set up when we checked in. If baby needed a nap right when we checked in, done!!! Since we stayed in multiple locations while in Colorado, I had our rental company meet us at our car rental place and they even loaded it in our car! Seriously, it’s the best! It might be slightly expensive. But to me it’s so worth it! I mean who wants to lug around your kids, stroller/s, pack-n-play and whatever else through the airport??? Rent it!!! 🙂 I’ll send you guys some links so you can get an idea and if you’re traveling to the areas I’ve traveled, you’ll have who I used. Have a great weekend!

Maui, Hawaii


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 4.21.47 PM


Denver area (slightly cheaper than the small ski towns)

Denver BabyStay

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 4.25.40 PM

Vail – Vail and Beaver Creek baby rental site

Winter Gore