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Best Breastfeeding App

Hey all! Happy hump day! So I wanted to share an app that I cannot live without…at least while my baby is a baby 🙂 The app is called Baby Feed Timer. Pretty self explanatory. When my son was born a little over 3 1/2 years ago, I started breastfeeding him immediately. I kind of just went along without using any tools to help me remember when the last time I fed, how long I fed for, which side I was on, etc. Then, with the help of getting up every three hours to feed and lack of sleep, I started to forget everything. “When did we feed him last?” “What side was I on again?” Enter the Baby Feed Timer. This app is legit. It does all the work for you…except the breastfeeding part 😉 And I now use it all the time with my daughter. It’s a game changer. Now I don’t have to remember what side I was on. (I totally realize I sound like a sales lady right now lol but I really just love this app!) And I can look to see when I fed her last. And if I’m feeling really crazy, I can look at charts to see all sorts of stuff: averages on how long she breastfeeds for, average time between feeds, how long she goes on a particular side, how many times a day I’m breastfeeding, etc. You can even chart growth patterns and see how much weight they’re gaining too. Another great thing is it not only helps with breastfeeding. It can help with logging how many diapers a day they are going through, times they sleep, when you’re pumping, and growth. It really just helps with establishing a routine…which is what baby needs. Here’s a few pics for ya so you can get it yourself 🙂

IMG_4399                   IMG_4400

IMG_4401                   IMG_4402

IMG_4403                  IMG_4404.PNG

If you’re a breastfeeding mama, get this app! It’s beyond helpful and a total life saver. Anyway, that’s all for me. Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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