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Tipsy Tuesday :)

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! I thought I would use Tuesdays as a great day to give some tips on anything and everything and vice versa if anyone has any tips for me, I’d love to hear them! And since I have a little baby, I will most likely be posting tips on baby πŸ™‚ So….here we go!

Bathtime and Bedtime – When should you give your little one a bath and how does that fit in with bedtime? Well our amazing pediatrician gave us a great tip that has worked like a charm for us regarding the two. We never did this with Ben and she (our Dr) suggested it with Harper and I have to say what a difference!! So here’s the tip:

LATE NIGHT BATH πŸ™‚ Our Dr recommended do your normal feeding throughout the day and then around 4-5 start cluster feeding, meaning every 2 hours or so. We usually do a 4:30 feed, 6:30 feed, and 8:30 feed. At the 8:30 feed we usually swaddle her after and she will fall asleep in the swing until around 9:30/9:45. From there, at around 9:30/9:45 we will give her a late bath and give her one last top off before bed. I have to say this little routine works amazingly for us. With Ben, we always dreaded bath time because he’d always be screaming his head off. With Harper, since doing this routine, she has literally not cried once during her baths. We usually just unswaddle her, change her diaper and give her a quick bath right at the kitchen sink. She is usually just so calm and smiles throughout the entire bath. From there, we put on lotion (we did no lotion the first month as recommended by our pediatrician), put on her diaper and bring her upstairs where I feed her with just the diaper on. The we put the velcro swaddle on her and she sleeps like a champ. For the last month or so, she has slept an average of 7 to 7 1/2 hours a night. Some longer some shorter. But I really think the late night bath has helped immensely. The velcro swaddle has helped a lot too. Along with the Dohm white noise machine.

I do know that this little routine won’t last forever and soon we will need to switch to an earlier bath time and bedtime. But for now this is what we do and what works. Once we switch (which will be very soon – I think around 4 months), we will mix it up and see what works best for us and I’l share with you all! Hope this helps any struggling mamas out there whether your baby is crying during bath or having trouble sleeping at night. And if anyone has any tips that work for them for earlier bath and bed time, I’d love to hear them! πŸ™‚

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