Welcome Harper!


I’m finally posting! Only took me two and a half weeks after her birth to finally post 🙂

Introducing Harper Kinney. She was born on Tuesday, 3/14/17, at 8:10am. She weighed 7lb 13oz and was 19 inches long. We are soooo in love with her! She has been such a good baby the last 2 1/2 weeks. We are tired but not so so tired. Ben is just loving having her home and being big brother to her.

We had a scheduled c-section so really not much of a birth story to tell. haha. I had to check into the hospital at 5am. Then filled out some paperwork. From there, Jay and I were sent to triage where I changed into my lovely hospital gown, got blood drawn, and IV put in. From there we had to just wait for the anesthesiologist and my OB to get there. Around 7:30 they finally wheeled me into the OR. Jay couldn’t go in just yet which was standard. From there I was prepped and they put in the spinal block. Then finally Jay came in and they started a couple minutes later. They probably started around 7:55 and she was out by 8:10. I guess she was in a weird position in my belly so they had to use the “mighty” vacuum to get her out. I was a little worried but she came out crying and looking great! Around 8:45 they wheeled me into the recovery room and we stayed in there for about two hours while they took my vitals and I nursed her. Finally we were sent up to the postpartum room where we spent the next two days. For some reason, my muscles had a harder time with healing than when I had a c-section with my son. So, my first walk and all the walks while I was there were a lot more painful. But other than that, she’s been great! She’s an eating champ and we have had no problems with nursing. Thank God! We finally left Thursday afternoon and everything has been great and gone by so fast since then. When we got home, Ben was so excited to meet his sister. I guess when she was first born, he was at school and told one of his teachers, “My baby sister came out of mommy’s tummy and she’s not a dinasour!!” Haha. Here is the first picture of the two of them: IMG_3287

And the next day was St. Patrick’s Day (her actual due date). So of course I had to take a photo of them dressed up!   IMG_3293

And lastly here’s a photo of the two of them again a few days ago. Ben is beyond happy to be a big brother and finally have another sibling 🙂


And that’s that! Can’t wait to start trying for baby no.3!!! hahahahaha jk!….at least not anytime soon 😉

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