Freezer Meals

Happy Monday everybody!! Well I am officially one week away from meeting my baby girl! Woohoo! We have seriously done so much to prepare for this little ones arrival. Her room is all ready, bottles are washed and sanitized, clothes are all cleaned, diapers in drawers, swing is out, nursing outfits ready, car seat ready, stroller set up and finally freezer meals are made!

I can’t tell you how much having freezer meals was such a big help when we had Ben. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law made some amazing meals and it was just the biggest life saver! And since it was probably the biggest life saver with having a newborn, I knew that this was a must for new baby girl. Since I didn’t make them last time, I turned to trusty old Pinterest to help me out. There are endless amounts of recipes and ideas to choose from. So if you are making the meals, Pinterest is the way to go. Here is the list of meals that we decided on:

I actually took a few photos from making the lasagna roll ups… 🙂


I forgot to add a pic of making the meat sauce (forgive me, I’m pregnant and still new to this blog stuff!). But, Ree Drummond has it all taken care of!

All of these freezer meals are awesome because they make about three to four meals worth  with each recipe. Most of them only take about 45 minutes to bake and you’re done! Jay and I usually just buy a big tub of salad greens and have a salad on the side to go with the meal. We have to throw in the healthy somehow! Anyway, Jay and I only spent about 2 hours over the course of three weekends preparing these. It didn’t take too much time. But the time it did, we know it’ll be worth it!

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