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Ben’s Big Boy Room

Ben just turned 3 last November and so we decided it was finally time to move him into a big boy room. We had a crib from Potterybarn that is amazing because it’s convertible. So we obviously had him in the crib. Then moved to toddler rail (which you have to buy separately). And then finally you can turn it into a headboard and footboard for a big boy bed. We decided not to do a footboard since his room is on the smaller side. But it still looks great!

His big boy room is airplane themed because pilot’s are in my family…my dad is a pilot and my brother is a pilot. So here ya go! I’ll put links to the items at the bottom if anything pops out at ya 🙂


Headboard (4-1 convertible crib) Potterybarn Larkin Crib
Dresser – looks like they don’t carry it anymore but here’s something similar PB dresser
Bookshelf – they don’t have the color (sun valley espresso) but they do have other colors PB bookshelf
Sheets and throw pillow – PB airplane sheets and throw pillow looks like they just ran out (from Potterybarn Kids)
BBB duvet and shams
FLY letters
lamp is from Target. Navy is gone but have other colors touch on/off lamp – btw, the touch on/off lamp is amazing! Ben thinks it’s the coolest thing 🙂


World map

Red and white airplane above closet



Airplane decals


And there you have it! Ben sure loves his big boy room and his big boy bed. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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