My pregnancy thus far…

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Just wanted to share some of the highlights from this pregnancy so far since it’s almost done 🙂

It has definitely been a bumpy road to get to where I am now. I struggled with infertility trying for #2 and lost a baby earlier last year (will do a post about this later on). But, now I am so grateful that I only have two weeks left until I meet this little girl and I just can’t wait to meet her!

Baby girl Kinney is actually an IVF baby, kind of by accident. We weren’t planning on doing IVF (at least not yet). I had been on infertility meds for a while and they weren’t really working so we decided to give it a boost and mix injections with the infertility meds. My first try on that worked…a little too well! With my meds before, I had only produced 1 or 2 eggs/follicles. With the injection/meds combo, I actually produced 9! So my dr gave me the option of either skipping this month quoting that “I would be the next octomom” and try again next month or they could extract the eggs through IVF and go that route. After two years of emotional stress, we decided on the latter. And to sum it up, we did the whole procedure immediately (like 2 days later) and I ended up with a total of 5 embryos after the whole process was done. They decided to implant 2 and it worked! I ended up getting pregnant with my baby girl the first try. We found in July and I’ve pregnant since 🙂

My son’s pregnancy compared to this one was a breeze. The most I ever got was a cold….well I also became a big swollen mess when I actually had him, but that’s a whole other story. This pregnancy started out rough, but has slowly become better and better. First, I have had wayyyyyyyyyy more morning sickness with this little girl. On top of first trimester nausea, can we say never ending heartburn? I have literally had heartburn this entire pregnancy. This girl better be born with a TON of hair!!

Also, I decided to do the genetic testing (two blood tests, spine ultrasound and 20 week brain ultrasound). This was when the rough spot of the pregnancy began. I did the first round of blood work and got a call from the specialty dr a few days later. They said that I had tested high for down syndrome and that I needed to come in the next day to meet with a genetic counselor to go over everything. When I asked if they could give me the number/results, they said they did not have that information. I called my husband and pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon crying. Going through two years of infertility and finally getting pregnant after a loss and this is what I get? I was devastated. We met with the genetic counselor the next day and he completely eased our minds. He said our probability of this baby having downs was really low and that we shouldn’t worry. They can still do amnios to determine 100% accuracy if the baby has downs or not, but they now have a blood test you can do (one of the brand names is Harmony) that is 99.9% accurate and we chose to to go that route. I took the test and a week later I was cleared of the baby having any genetic issues. Also, the other blood test, spine and brain ultrasound came back perfect.

Then, a week later, I get a call from my regular OB saying that in that same first blood test, I tested low for papp-a and would need to go in to the specialist every six weeks to get extra ultrasounds and be monitored on top of my regular OB visits. I also was put on low dose aspirin. Papp-a basically means that the protein in your placenta is lower than what it should be…meaning your placenta may not be working the way it’s supposed to to make the baby thrive. They say they don’t notice any problems with this low papp-a until  about 34 weeks. So, I had to go in to the specialist and get measurements of the baby through ultrasound to see if she was growing normally from the first trimester all the way until last week. They say the first thing they notice, if there is a problem, is the baby’s stomach isn’t growing, but everything else usually is. Luckily for me, baby girl has been doing great! I just had my last ultrasound last Thursday with the specialist and they said she looks great, is already 6 1/2lbs and I’m clear of the papp-a affecting the baby! Woohoo!!!

The last thing I’ve had to do is go in for these non-stress tests twice a week (NST for short). I have to do them a) because she’s an IVF baby and b) because I’ve a low papp-a. What they do at the NST’s is measure her heart rate, see if I’m getting any contractions, and take my blood pressure. I started those at 34 weeks and so far so good. Here’s a little snippet of what it looks like. Takes only 20 minutes…easy peasy!img_3134

I now only have 2 1/2 weeks to go. March 14 is my scheduled c-section date and I’m so excited 🙂 I’m starting to get contractions, but nothing too serious yet. But, March 14 will be here before ya know it. Can’t wait!  img_3084

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